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A virtual microbiological garden
Almost everybody has visited a zoological or a botanical garden and was fascinated by exotic animals and wonderful plants. Microorganisms, however, are not normally noticed, although we are surrounded by billions of them. Their world is fascinating, too, if your are able to watch it. The Microbiological Garden has the purpose to give some insight into the microbial world, not systematically and complete, but by means of little stories and pictures of microbes, their life and their environments. An internet- based garden seems appropriate for microbes, as we need technical means to make them visible. You can enter the different stories by clicking on one of the pictures at the start window.

microbiological-garden.net is a non-commercial project hosted by the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) at the University of Oldenburg in Germany. Please ask us, if you want to use contents or pictures from the garden. If you have pictures that would be suited for a little story, please contact us, too. Publication will include the names of the photographer. We would appreciate if you could include a link to microbiological-garden.net on your internet pages.

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Click on the icons at the bottom. The right arrow opens the next page, or - if the last page of a series is reached - jumps back to the first one. The red button in the middle leads you back to the overview. The left arrow guides you back to the previous page, or - if you are at the first page of a series - back to the overview.

Links on the pages open new windows that can be closed when you are done.

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